You are more than your “Masonic Resumé”

So, the title of this post is a little misleading; I already know that there’s more to each of you than the Masonic titles and honors that you’ve accumulated. The post’s title, however, pretty well encapsulates some of the frustrations I’m having right now.

I’ll start by setting the scene.

Our Lodge is looking at some activities we might be able to do outside of our regular meetings. We’re looking at making a short trip for an outdoor Degree, attending a baseball game, setting up an inter-Lodge bowling night — several different things.

One of the other ideas that has been floated is that of foregoing Masonic Education during an upcoming meeting. Instead, we would close Lodge early — we are a Daylight Lodge — and visit a few Masonic historical markers that are posted in the area. Afterward, we might visit a local brewery. At those historical markers, each of which represents a Brother who has impacted history, we would like to present a paper.

That all sounds great. So, why the frustration?

Outside of reading these Brothers’ Masonic titles and the ways in which they helped shape history, we don’t have a lot. My frustration lies in that I’d like to get to know these Brethren. I’m interested in their thoughts. I would like to present papers that these Brethren wrote. Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, none of them left behind any Masonic writings.

This post isn’t really about these particular Brethren, though. We may never have their thoughts to reflect upon; what’s in the past remains in the past. The issue I’d really like to discuss is immediate and more broad; it extends to almost all of our Lodges.

This post is a charge to write — and I extend this charge to all Brethren. Preserve your thoughts, insights, and reflections. Write something — whether it’s a research paper or a poem — it doesn’t matter. Leave something behind so that future generations of Masons can have your perspective. You never know — it may be read by your son. It may be read by your great-great-great-grandson. There is no price tag we can put to this.

Let’s leave behind a connection — a bridge to the past — so that tomorrow’s Master Masons can feel more interconnected to us. Let’s give them something more than a collection of titles so that, rather than infer what kind of men we might have been, they can know.

If Freemasonry has any treasures, surely this is one of them.


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