The requirements for joining Freemasonry are well known (or are at least publicly available). Depending on the jurisdiction, there can be slight variation in the wording, but it is essentially this: you must be a male, freeborn, of lawful age (which can vary), you must be of good repute, and you must profess a belief … Continue reading Slavery


A response to “The Beehive in Freemasonry”

I wasn't entirely sure what I should call this post. A response to "The Beehive in Freemasonry" was the best I could do, and I'm not really certain it's even that. Bro. Greg Stewart, over at Freemason Information, recently released a short video — The Beehive in Freemasonry | Symbols and Symbolism. In that video, he touches … Continue reading A response to “The Beehive in Freemasonry”