A response to “The Beehive in Freemasonry”

I wasn't entirely sure what I should call this post.  A response to "The Beehive in Freemasonry" was the best I could do, and I'm not really certain it's even that.  Bro. Greg Stewart, over at Freemason Information, recently released a short video — The Beehive in Freemasonry | Symbols and Symbolism.  In that video, he touches … Continue reading A response to “The Beehive in Freemasonry”

On Secrecy

When speaking in a Masonic context, what is a secret?  Are there differences between the "secrets of Freemasonry" and the "hidden mysteries of Freemasonry"? Should "mysteries" have been typed as "Mysteries"?  If so, how does that complicate things? On this subject, opinions and views vary pretty wildly.  I figured that, since I've now had this … Continue reading On Secrecy

Harmony — Beyond Civility

Harmony. It's a subject that every newly-Raised Master Mason has a sensitivity toward.  Within our Lodges, the concept is both broad and specific.  In addition to being interwoven into our Obligations, maintaining harmony within the Lodge is duty of the Lodge's officers — especially the Senior Warden and the Worshipful Master. If I'm not careful, this post … Continue reading Harmony — Beyond Civility